Workmen Compensation Insurance

Workmen compensation insurance provides you with legal liability coverage for compensating your employees who will be injured or will die due to an accident or occupational sickness that might occurs during employment.

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Workmen Compensation Insurance Description

As per the Kuwait Labor Law, an employer is obligated to pay compensation if an employee suffers personal harm because of an accident arising out of and during the employee's employment. Workers' compensation insurance is vital for protecting your employees and is even required by law.

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Alsabah Insurance Broker Company's policies in this segment are: -

    1. Labor Insurance Policy

    2. Employers Employee Liability Policy

    3. Medical Expenditure

    4. Legal Liability from accidents

    5. Occupational Diseases

    6. Unforeseeable Even

Alsabah Insurance Broker Company is the greatest option for startups, those with side hustles, and micro-businesses. You can purchase a policy even if you only have one part-time employee, and your coverage may begin right away.

Workmen compensation insurance covers:

    1. Bodily harm sustained because of an accident while on the job.

    2. Bodily injury induced by disease or aggravated by working conditions.

    3. Disablement, whether entire or partial, for the rest of one's life.

    4. Death or temporary disability.

    5. Attorney expenses incurred with the company's consent.

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