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Motor insurance is a policy that protects your financial interests of your insured car in unanticipated events such as accidents, theft, etc.

motor insurance

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Motor Insurance Description

Established in 1973, South Arabia (Kuwait) based company, serving policyholders in protecting businesses and mitigating losses. According to the requirements of the Traffic Department and the Ministry of Commerce, automobile insurance is required. This insurance coverage protects the insured entity against a third party in the event of a traffic accident that causes material or bodily loss, therefore paying the injured party.

Different organizations demand varying degrees of service from an insurance provider, and because accidents involving corporate users result in not only injury but also lost revenue, corporations want more than simply protection; they also require guaranteed continuity of their activities. Following types of motor insurance can be availed by clients; personal automobile owners who use their car for personal purposes get private car insurance and people who use their car for commercial purposes should purchase commercial car insurance.

Alsabah Insurance Broker Company offers policies for practically all types of organizations, from startups to established corporate users, to assist protect their company interests with coverage and a claims processing service that are designed to ensure the enterprise runs smoothly.

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40+ years experience of motor insurance in Kuwait

Alsabah Insurance works with over 20 different companies, each of which has a team of trained insurance professionals.


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